The history of Kerala Curry dates back hundreds of years to the peaceful coast of Kerala, India. Blending spices in various subtle combinations had been a way of life with the local people for generations.

Word spread about these exotic spices eventually garnering the attention of foreign powers who sent their sailors from far and wide, thereby beginning the longest recorded spice trade in history. From the ancient Romans and Egyptians, to the more recent Portuguese and British, many a ship sailed in pursuit of these flavorful spices.

Though the Europeans were able to obtain these spices, the unique recipes of the region remained guarded secrets of the matriarchs of a few local Keralite families. It is this rich culinary tradition of one particular family that we founded Kerala Curry. Our recipes were handed down from through generations only to a chosen few and the flavors are captured in our authentic South Indian curries and sauces. And now you can enjoy them fresh from our food truck!

Our dishes are very much different than restaurant cooked food – each one of our dishes have its own unique flavor, taste and aroma – each sauce/gravy has its own recipe and we do not use the same sauce for different dishes. They are tastier, flavor rich, and healthier than restaurant made dishes. Our curries are 100% NATURAL, and none of our dishes contain: MSG, artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, modified food starch, or corn syrup.